First High School Summit 2024 on career development

Skopje witnessed a unique event on April 22, as the city welcomed its very first High School Summit on career development organized by the Growth Labs Academy and Унија на средношколци на Македонија.

Attended by more than 200 enthusiastic participants, including students, educators, and professionals, the summit marked a pivotal moment in empowering the youth toward fulfilling careers.

Among the distinguished speakers was our founder, Katerina Zlatanovska Popova, who captivated the audience with her insights on living a purpose-driven life. Katerina shared the four fundamental steps to embracing life with a mission, passion, clarity, and intention, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

The summit served as a platform for panel discussion, networking opportunities, and inspirational talks, paving the way for future young leaders to chart their paths with confidence and purpose.

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