POZITIVO Skopje is a Non-Governmental Organization focused on 3 main areas

Environment, creating activities directly related to the protection of the environment, such as recycling, reusable clothing, etc., and raising awareness of climate changes and green economy among youth and local communities.

Our goal is to be the change our Planet Earth needs. By promoting volunteering and leadership by example, we are taking action and organizing activities that motivate, educate, inspire, and influence our local communities, students, and other stakeholders.

Fundraising and CSR

Since its founding, members of POSITIVO Skopje have served their community by coordinating and executing CSR activities, fund-raising projects, youth engagement, and volunteering. The lead project of the organization is the Chocolate Auction – the biggest fundraising event and philanthropic auction in the country with more than 25.000 euros raised during the chocolate auctions in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2018.

Creating transformative, engaging, and inclusive activities and experiential learning that embraces change and promotes sustainability for students, youth, women, and underrepresented groups in North Macedonia.

Our mission is to help students, young people, women (with a special focus on young women), seniors, and other vulnerable groups to discover and develop their potential through ongoing education, desire for development and learning, encouragement, and empathy.

One of our core strategies is to change how education is practiced by establishing new creative and innovative learning future-orientated approaches introducing experiential learning, gamification, digital tools in a classroom, and microlearning. Our areas of expertise are Career Counseling, Project management, Organizational Development, Training needs assessment, Curricula Development, Development and delivery of specialized training courses (such as Effective Communication, Conflict Management, Time management and setting priorities, Emotional intelligence, Empathy, Active listening, Resilience, Leadership and team leadership, Out-of-the-box thinking, Problem-solving, Critical Thinking, etc.), Online Workshops, Organization of events and team-building activities.

We cooperate with youth organizations on the national level, local elementary and high schools in the City of Skopje, and in other sites and municipalities in N. Macedonia. Our organization includes trainers, career counselors, psychologists, facilitators, youth workers, educators, and teachers occasionally involved in implementing different activities. Additionally, for our fundraising events and clean-up ecological activities, we have 20 – 50 volunteers that are giving their experience and knowledge back to the community.

Mrs. Katerina Zlatanovska Popova – Co-founder & President

Fundraising expert, French and Italian Language Teacher, Career counselor, soft skills trainer, DISC Flow trainer, Point of you© coach, and HR consultant for Competency-based recruitment and selection

With 20+ years of experience in education, of which 7 years as a secondary school teacher, Katerina is an expert in the development of educational content for students, career counseling and coaching, job interview preparation, team building, communication skills, leadership, HR management, and professional development programs for various groups. Her personal mission is to inspire and guide others to reach their full potential through personalized and professional growth, lifelong learning, and the discovery of their IKIGAI. She is focused on support of innovation, entrepreneurship, employment, and self-employment of youth, women, and underrepresented groups in North Macedonia. Katerina is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Serbian, and has basic knowledge of Croatian, and Bulgarian languages.

Katerina has experience in project management and implementation of ERASMUS + projects in partnership with different organizations.

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1000 Skopje,
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